Mike Trought Ph.D. B.Sc (hons), NDA

Senior Scientist/Research Leader– Plant & Food Research

Mike Trought brings international wine industry experience to Marlborough. He has a long-time association with the Marlborough wine industry starting as Officer in Charge of the new Marlborough Research Centre in 1984. From 1992 to 1999, he was senior lecturer in viticulture at Lincoln University and then joined Villa Maria Wines in Marlborough, New Zealand’s third largest wine company, as their regional viticulturist. In 2004 he was appointed Research Leader to the Marlborough Wine Research Centre. He has participated in Marlborough wine industry grow from its infancy in the early 1980’s to its present position as the predominant wine growing region in New Zealand.

His specialised knowledge encompasses carbohydrate physiology, irrigation, fruit set, flowering, nutrition and the behaviour of bird-life in vineyards. He is bringing that expertise to his lead role with the Centre’s Sauvignon Blanc research project, concentrating also on flavour and aroma management, and yield prediction.

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Current Research
Terroir, flavour and aroma development of Sauvignon Blanc, carbohydrate physiology, yield prediction.

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