Bio-resource Processing Alliance Workshop

18 February 2015

This workshop will be taking place in Marlborough on Wednesday 18th February that may be of interest to you or any of your team who are interested in opportunities to add value to low value by-products or waste streams arising from primary processing operations. The workshop will be hosted by the BioResource Processing Alliance (BPA) and the Marlborough Research Council and will be held at the Pernod Ricard Winery from 9:30am to 2:00pm. Please find the invitation attached.

To provide further context on the Bioresource Processing Alliance (BPA), this is a partnership of AgResearch, Callaghan Innovation, Plant and Food and Scion, and has government funding to support the partners work to increase the value that can be gained from currently low value by-product / waste streams from primary processing operations and to support companies that are interested to use these bioresources in innovative ways.

The Workshop will be of interest to companies that:
a) generate volumes of low value streams from primary production and processing, or
b) are interested in new technologies that could make better use of these streams, or
c) are interested to take low value streams and add value to them.

There are four key areas of focus for the BPA and these are:

  • Extraction – to recover high value, low volume constituents (e.g. bioactive peptides, lipids or anti-oxidants for functional foods, nutriceuticals.)
  • High Value Processing – to transform functionality (e.g. to produce food products, animal feeds.)
  • Deconstruction – to pull things apart (e.g. to convert bulk residual materials to recover simple chemicals (e.g. acetate), nutrients (e.g. for fertilizers) and energy).
  • Reconstruction – to put things together (e.g. combining functionalised bulk materials to produce biopolymers or novel biocomposites).

Through the BPA Partners, industry can link in to expertise across a range of relevant science and technology domains to help them to look at new opportunities to gain value from waste streams. The BPA has funding for the BPA Partners work on industry relevant opportunities for new processing technologies, by-products and waste utilisation that could create value for NZ Inc. and the BPA Partners are also working on various industry led projects. The workshop will provide more information on how the BPA works, and how the BPA can work alongside industry on relevant areas.

Invitation attached

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