The Effect of Culture and Expertise on Perceived Wine Quality

3 December 2014

Topic           The Effect of Culture and Expertise on Perceived Wine Quality

Speaker       Dr Dominique Valentin

Date             Wednesday 3rd December 2014

Overview of presentation:

What makes a quality wine? Are some wines objectively “better” quality than others? Is wine quality a universal attribute shared by all? In this talk Dominique will present some empirical data to illustrate the role of wine experience and familiarity on perceived quality from labelling and taste and discuss the difference between perceived quality by consumers and experts.


Dominique Valentin received a Ph.D in applied cognition and neuroscience from the University of Texas at Dallas in 1996. She is currently an associate professor at AgroSup Dijon where she teaches sensory evaluation, cognitive psychology and multivariate statistics to food science engineering students and master students. Her current research deals with cognitive processes involved in perception of food products. She is particularly interested in understanding the effect of experience and culture on how we perceive, categorize, appreciate and describe chemosensory stimuli and has published many scientific papers on these topics.

Overview                                                      Powerpoint Presentation

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