Marlborough Food + Beverage Innovation Cluster Home

Our Vision

That “Marlborough is recognised and supported by key industries and investors around the world as a premier centre for food and beverage product and process innovation”

Major Opportunities

  • Become smarter at innovation to realise the potential of the region’s unique food and beverage and natural products industries
  • Organise industry connections and synergies into a single cluster
  • Connect Marlborough to the ‘national grid’ of food and beverage research and development through formal agreement with the Riddet Institute
  • Collectively promote Marlborough’s interests

Five Work Streams

  • Waste
  • Proteins, marine oils, bioactive ingredients and nutrients
  • Production; inputs and processing
  • New products and ingredients for commercialising, including marketing and production
  • New networks, collaborations and partnerships, including funding streams

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