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Meteorological data summary for November 2017 for the Blenheim Meteorological station located at the Grovetown Park campus of the Marlborough Research Centre.

 Table 1: Weekly weather data during November 2017

Mean Max


Mean Min



(°C)   Deviation





1st – 7th 22.0 11.7 16.8       (+2.1) 16.4 67.0
8th – 14th 18.1 9.0 13.6       (-1.1) 0 60.0
15th – 21st 18.4 7.8 13.1       (-1.6) 0 59.7
22nd – 28th 20.9 12.1 16.5       (+1.8) 0 53.8
29th – 30th      (2 days) 20.5 13.1 16.8       (+2.1) 0 6.0
1st – 30th  October 2017 19.9




15.1        (+0.4) 16.4




November LTA

(1986 – 2016)

19.9 9.4 14.7 47.3 239.5

LTA – Long Term Average

 November 2017 recorded a slightly above average temperature, average sunshine hours, well below average rainfall and wind-run.


246.5 hours sunshine for November is 103% of the long term average for November of 239.5 hours.

November 2016 recorded 232.3 hours sunshine.

November 2015 recorded 280.4 hours sunshine.

November 2014 recorded 293.1 hours sunshine.

Total sunshine for the 11 months January to November 2017 is 2285.4 hours; 103% of the long-term average of 2215.7 hours. January to November 2016 recorded 2338.3 hours.

Sunniest town in New Zealand

Tekapo was the sunniest town in New Zealand in November, recording 269.9 hours sunshine.

For the 11 months to the end of November, Richmond with 2304.5 hours sunshine is in first place, 19.1 hours ahead of Blenheim.


Rainfall total of 16.4 mm is 35% of the long-term average for November of 47.3 mm.

November 2016 rainfall was 86.4 mm

November 2015 rainfall was 2.8 mm (lowest total on record 1930-2016)

November 2014 rainfall was 16.6 mm

 Total rainfall for the 11 months January to November 2017 is 569.8 mm; 96% of the long-term average of 591.9 mm. January to November 2016 recorded 571.0 mm.

However, it has been a dry spring in 2017. The three month rainfall, September to November 2017, was only 98.6 mm; 64% of the long-term average of 154.9 mm. In contrast September to November 2016 recorded 171.4 mm.

Soil moisture

Shallow soil moisture (0 to 35 cm depth) at the Grovetown Park weather station on 1 November was 22.5%. This was quite a lot lower than the average value at the start of November (2003 to 2016) of 27.9%. This was due to the fact that there was almost no rainfall from 12 to 31 October 2017.

16.2 mm rain was received on 7 November. This rain event held the topsoil moisture close to 20% for about five days. From 11 to 31 October the soil moisture fell from 20.2% to 15.2%; i.e. at the end of November the topsoil is close to being as dry as it can get.


Mean temperature of 15.1°C was 0.4°C above the long term average temperature for November of 14.7°C.

November 2016 mean temperature was 15.6°C.

November 2015 mean temperature was 14.9°C.

November 2014 mean temperature was 15.1°C.

November 2017 started out very warm with the mean temperature for the first seven days 2.1°C above average. In contrast the second and third weeks of November were much cooler. However, the temperature was again well above average in the last nine days of November.

The fact that the November mean temperature was slightly above average was due to the minimum temperature being 0.9°C above average. The average daily maximum temperature was equal to the long-term average.

Despite the average monthly minimum temperature being above average, there were a number of cool overnight temperatures recorded during November. The coolest temperatures were recorded on Tuesday 7th with an air minimum of 5.0°C and grass minimum of 0.2°C and on Wednesday 15th with an air minimum of 5.3°C and a grass minimum of -0.4°C (not quite cold enough to be recorded as a ground frost).

The hottest day was Friday 24 November with a maximum air temperature of 27.9°C.


November 2017 recorded no ground frosts.

November 2016 recorded one ground frost.

November 2015 recorded three ground frosts.

Average number of ground frosts for November for the 30 years 1986 – 2016 is only 0.5 (1 year in 2 records a ground frost).

 Wind Run

Average daily wind run during November 2017 was 247.3km; this is 81% of the long-term average wind-run for November of 303.9 km. The first nine days of November were fairly windy, with average wind-run of 373 km. However, the 21 days from 10 to 30 November recorded average wind-run of 193 km, only 64% of average.

The windiest day of the month was Sunday 5 November, with total wind-run of 476 km. However, to put this into context the windiest day in November 2016 recorded 670 km wind-run.

Evapotranspiration (ET)

Total Evapotranspiration for November was 121.1 mm, or 98% of the long-term average of 123.3 mm.

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