Growers interested in Grapevine Trunk Disease

Grapevine Trunk Disease GTD Dion Mundy Plant & Food Research MRC Seminar IMG_0768 v2.JPG

In August, the MRC lecture theatre filled with wine industry representatives keen to learn more about Grapevine Trunk Disease in a workshop presented by Dion Mundy, Senior Scientist with Plant & Food Research.

Dion’s colleague Rob Agnew, Scientist, Plant & Food Research, describes it as the “best attended science seminar that we have run for quite a few years”, which it indicates that trunk diseases are of particular interest to a lot of growers.

Approximately 80 people were present.

The Marlborough Express came along too. They published a terrific article on Dion’s work, leading the charge on how grape growers can control trunk disease.

Here is a link to the full article on stuff.