35 Years and still growing

Gerald Hope reflects on MRC’s 35 year milestone

Gerald Hope reflects on MRC’s 35 year milestone

Reflecting on the past 35 years for MRC, one aspect leaps into focus: foresight. The founders of MRC were looking ahead and investing in the future by establishing local science and technology capability.


Back in 1984 there were no scientists or technicians based in the region which was a definite disadvantage. At the time, their objective was to underpin the region’s prospective economic growth. I believe they achieved that in gondola loads.


Our organisation is now recognised as being the go-to place for science and technology development. It’s a hub fully connected to the primary sector and business, and well connected to NMIT for education.


In recent years we have grown to 15 tenancy groups with upward of 80 people on two campuses. We are about to expand with the new research winery being built by the Bragato Research Institute, our newest tenant on campus.


Let’s applaud and celebrate the growth of this great local initiative and look forward to more developments in the not too distant future.


Gerald Hope

Chief Executive, Marlborough Research Centre