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Celebrating 35 Years

Celebrating 35 Years

Celebrating 35 Years and still growing, MRC appeared in the Local Legend section of the Saturday Express on the 27 July.

The Marlborough Research Centre’s premise is simple: to provide locally based research services and technology development for the primary sector, for the future good of the region and New Zealand as a whole.


MRC was established 35 years ago to cater to this entire sector, from high country pastoral farming to horticulture and viticulture.


Chief executive Gerald Hope says MRC supports all primary sector activity that depends on natural resources by applying science, research and technology to achieve better outcomes.


“Our objectives are to bring research and business together, cross regional boundaries and collaboratively bring together strong export-focused businesses,” he says. “Our Food & Beverage Cluster is a measure of success and has provided funding, specialist support and market insights to members.”


MRC hosts and administers 15 groups across two campuses – Budge St and Grovetown Park – catering to more than 80 people during the peak summer season.


Budge St, the main campus, comprises offices, laboratories, a teaching winery and a lecture theatre. It is shared with Plant & Food Research, Bragato Research Institute, Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology, Wine Marlborough, NZ Wine and NZ Dryland Forests Initiative, and is set to expand due to strong growth pressure from Plant & Food, Bragato and NMIT. 


Grovetown Park on State Highway 1 is a commercial campus with tenants ranging from the Ministry for Primary Industries and Hill Laboratories, to commercial businesses. The adjacent 10-hectare Rowley Vineyard is the site for research trials and a sauvignon blanc vineyard.


“This grouping of willing collaborators is the only science, technology and education hub in Marlborough,” Gerald Hope says. “We are planning, designing and building for the future good of the Marlborough region and New Zealand. We are inclusive and welcome all enquiries in confidence.”